Apathy and Exhaustion

Nobody likes me cause I'm 23.
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my art blog is:
i will start using it more
when people start liking my art more.

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Gonna give you a holla because awesome art. Hello.


hey there, well youve been following my art blog for a while so i’ll forsure draw you something when i get out of work later



enjoy a transparent spinning solid snake

just what i needed in my life, a transparent gif of snake spinning.


(for a limited time only)

anyone who goes and follows me on my art blog (http://shutupgetrad.tumblr.com/) and sends me a message either on here, or on my art blog, will get a free drawing from me…if i like you enough, i’ll even let you choose what you would like me to draw for you. i’d like to put like a 20 person limit on this…but i dont even think i’ll get 20 people wanting drawings from me…so lets see how this goes…you guys have until i get out of work (9-9:30pm US central time) to let me know if you want anything.

have a nice day/afternoon


Pikachu loves Ketchup.